The Love of Christ Ephesians 3:18

Tracey Krause

the love the Christ

Wide and long, high and deep – the love the Christ sounds like an ocean to me, with mystery and possibility and a limitless future. This kind of love is felt with the heart and calls to the soul. But imagination is necessary to really wrap your hands around it. I have been thinking about the nature of imagination lately. I have always had a vivid imagination. I ducked out of many a long sermon and a large number of classes, just by going off in my head.

In His Hands Iphone CaseAs I got older, my glorious imagination was corrupted to the dark side.  I spent far too much time imagining the worst possible scenario, which of course is just worrying. This in turn had a negative effect on my faith as worry took over where faith should be starting. I started to think that imagination had no place in my Christian walk, when the reality is that imagination is an incredibly creative force, a gift from God, and one that could be used to draw me closer to Him. So now I am moving my imagination to thinking on the width, length, height and depth of God’s love for me, and what that could possibly translate into for the whole of my life.

The ability to imagine all God has for me motivates me to search God’s word, so that I don’t imagine in vain. The dimensions of God’s love and future he has for me are beyond my natural eye, but when I combine God’s word and imagination, this vision starts to fill in the blanks and I start to see Gods finger prints all over my life – a motivation towards faith and the life I am seeking to live. Save


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