Sing for Joy to God our Strength

Tracey Krause

Sing for joy

From Psalm 81:1 The Lord is the strength for us, his people.  Today, let your joy resound in your heart and with some loud joyful songs.  Then get going, totally in the strength of God.

When we assume that God is fundamentally angry, and simultaneously know that we are nothing special — not unique or extraordinary in our service — we cannot believe how on earth (or in heaven) the God of the universe would sing over us his song of delight  (Zephaniah3:17)

Let that land for a moment. God’s song of joy over his justified children is not merely the sum of the joy we attract from him; it’s also the multiplication of his abundant joy exponentially expressing itself out over us. Joyful people more easily express joy, just as God delights to rejoice over his children, because he is essentially joyful.

be strong and courageous


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