Sharing the Kindness of God

Tracey Krause

kindness of God

When we study the fruit of the Holy Spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, we see that these are a reflection of Jesus. As we move closer to Jesus in our daily walk, the Holy Spirit makes us more like him. The fruit of the Holy Spirit, the characteristics of Jesus, become more apparent in us with lasting effects.

Thinking of Kindness

Daughter of God TeeThis week I have been thinking a great deal of kindness; especially of the kindness of my Father towards me. First and always he showed his great kindness in rescuing me from sin and making me his beloved daughter through the work of Jesus on the cross. I think if we hold this great kindness before us, believing in God’s goodness towards us, his absolute lack of evil intent, we can get past some of the judgment and self-protection that keeps us from being kind to other people.

The Eternal Factor of Kindness

If the quality of kindness is from God, then it has an eternal factor. An act of kindness can be discussed in terms of time – like the 10 minutes it took you to carry extra groceries to a sick friend. It can be discussed in terms of money – like the $200 contributions people have been making towards a scholarship fund for the poorest children in our town. But these scales are insufficient when we hold God’s standards, I think it could argued that the effects of certain kind acts can continue indefinitely. Take the scholarship fund that I am involved with: Children that might not have had the chance to go to school past the age of 11 are now going. These children are the first in their family to achieve high school graduation. They now have a much better chance at a decent job and help their younger siblings get through school. More marketable skills in the family and in the village means that the village is moving away from the grinding poverty that have trapped the generations before. More people can read and reason and come to know the Father with their minds, moving beyond superstition and desperation. An act of kindness with eternal effects.

A Full View of God

I have been hearing a great deal lately about God’s holiness and justice. And these are important aspects of his divine character. But it is to our loss if we ignore other parts of his character such as his goodness and mercy. We have to come to a fuller view of all sides of his character to bring our own minds into alignment with his.  What are some ways God has shown you kindness?SaveSave

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