Praying for Your Elephant

Tracey Krause

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I just finished reading Praying for your Elephant by Adam Stadtmiller and wanted to share some ideas that continue to resonate with me. This book is about asking prayer and that is the focus, the author makes it clear that asking prayer is one element of prayer and needs to be combined with praise and thanksgiving.

Prayer and Faith

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I think I have always had some confusion about prayer, specifically around how much faith I need to have in the results to make them turn out the way that I want. Turns out that I have it backwards, for sure its my job to ask, but its God's job to answer. So from now on
I am in the business of prayer creation and I am leaving the editorial and distribution responsibilities to God.


Asking prayer is about relationship - between me, a daughter and my father who happens to be king of the universe. He delights in giving me good things, in seeing my heart full of joy and wonder. So when prayer comes to be more about the answers than the giver, I am getting it wrong.  I am opening myself to the temptation to feel unloved when my prayers are not answered on the timeline or way I expected. I have faith that God can, as to whether he will, that part I will leave in his hands. It`s through asking prayer, and experiencing God`s responses that I can become aware of what he is doing in my life:
Prayer informs me of the movements and rhythm of God around me.

Intentional vs Off the Cuff Prayer

Its interesting to note that here I am doing this important thing, prayer, this precious thing that the Holy Spirit himself is collaborating with me on, and yet my prayers are often off-the-cuff. This book has made me rethink that idea, and to track my prayers so that I can see how God is responding, record it and be thankful for it.

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