Morning Devotions - Coffee and Jesus

Tracey Krause

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After salvation, spiritual growth can begin. I have found that setting a daily devotional time for prayer, worship and bible study have been the best source for spiritual growth for me. In my morning devotions, I draw near to God and feel his presence most clearly. Very often I find a verse or a passage that resonates with my soul and draws me into prayer and thanksgiving. Its a time to listen and talk and enjoy relationship.

Morning Devotions or Evening Devotions

coffee and jesus There are a lot of different ways to approach a devotional time. What works for some people doesn't work for others. At different times in our lives, we may be called into deeper spiritual times which may require longer devotional times. Many people seem to think that first thing in the morning is the best time for devotions. I also like a morning devotion time, but not first thing in the morning for me. I need to wake up a bit first, have some coffee, do some little chores. I have also had periods in my life where evening devotions worked better for me - a time where I laid down the worries of the day, and moved into peace. I think the important thing here is not what time or for how long, but that I keep showing up and Jesus draws me closer.

The Purpose of Devotions

As a child of God, I seek a closer relationship with him. And as I seek, I find God is closer than ever. In my daily devotions, I want to draw close to God’s heart, understand more about Him, obey His commands, and hold on to His promises - especially hold on to His promises. This is the way I prepare to trust and be obedient, to face life and exercise my faith in the midst of the obstacles and opportunities that face me everyday.Save

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