I will Trust in Your Unfailing Love

Tracey Krause

trust, unfailing love

What is this unfailing love that is spoken of in Psalm 13:5?

Unfailing love is a love that is not giving way; not falling short of expectation; and is completely dependable.

In his unfailing love, God chases after us with an endless passion. This is such a grand idea. The Lord God Almighty with his perfection and endless energy runs after each one of us, offering us His abundant goodness and faithful love. Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking the opposite-that God could care less about us, He is too busy with other more important things. Or that if he did pursue us, it is only to exhibit his displeasure with us. This simply is not true. God wants you to know, understand, and experience His goodness and love every day of your life.

Why can we trust this unfailing love?

trust in the lordTrust in God is based on his character. He is not like a man, changing and learning, growing and developing. He is the same now and forever. Let our hearts awake to the eternal faithfulness of our God. He has promised never to leave us or abandon us. He has said, “I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” These are dangerous times. Our enemy would love for us to give up in defeat and cede victory. In Psalm 13, David is dreading how his enemies will rejoice over his defeat. Then suddenly his tone changes, his decision becomes to trust in the God who has saved him so many times in past. Let's do the same. Draw near to God, bring it all to Him and leave it there. Let's look up and trust in God's character, in His unfailing love and endless goodness. Save Save SaveSave


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