God of Hope Romans 15:13

Tracey Krause

hope, god

Our hearts sing with hope, to our God, the God of Hope. So what is up with this concept of 'hope'? Today's modern idea around hope is a kind of wishy washy optimism. Its no sure thing, just a big maybe. Today's modern idea of hope simply doesn't match up with God. The God of maybe? No, that simply doesn't work. Biblical hope is a much stronger idea, its a strong and confident expectation, it has certainty attached to it, it is about the nature of God himself. Hope is about things we can't see or haven't received, sometimes both. Our God of Hope both holds our hopes and offers us hope.

God wants us to abound in hope, to have strength in hope, to be certain of our hopes. Hope is a part of God's essence, just as God is love, God is also hope. Approached biblically, hope is an active thing, it gives our lives new dimensions. It gives us power to live with courage and grace, knowing that we are here for a purpose, even if we don't see it yet. We are watching for eternal outcomes and know that what we can see is not the whole story. If things are looking discouraging, we can turn to God and know that with his perfect love, his infinite resources, we can find compassion, help and support. His mercy doesn't fail. Meditate on the God of Hope, let this idea fill your thoughts and heart. Ask God to fill you with joy and peace in believing, ask to abound in hope. Let hope lift you up and bless you with its beautiful future and grace in the very heart of God.  May the God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing.

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