Faith - Serving Christ in Different Ways

Tracey Krause

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Mary and Martha were sisters, but they were both different in their ways of thinking and their approach to faith. Both sisters had faith in Christ and great love for Him, but Martha was focused more on the tangible reality of life, while Mary was more interested in the things that are eternal. Mary anointed Jesus with perfume and was berated by the disciples for wasting her costly oil. Jesus defended Mary and said that she would always be remembered for this act. When Mary’s act made sense to no one else, she did it anyway, showing courage and faith.

Faith First

faith, christian phone caseMartha shows up when Jesus stayed at her home. Many women can identify with Martha as a homemaker with meticulous hospitality. She was focused on preparation for His visit, busy with many things, while Mary is focused solely on the teachings of Jesus. Mary is listening to Jesus rather than assisting Martha in the house work. Martha addressed her concerns with Jesus, and He told her that Mary had chosen the better option. This is a reminder to seek God and His kingdom first and let everything else fall into place. Mary’s story is one of encouragement, to be bold and earnestly seek Him. What Mary sought could never be taken away from her.Save


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