Do Not be Afraid for I am With You Isaiah 43:5

Tracey Krause

do not be afraid

Anxiety has come to define my generation, especially the women, although the men are not immune. We wake in the morning and our worries and concerns attack us like wild dogs. We lie down at night and wait for sleep while our imaginations race through the worst case scenarios. I am guilty of being afraid. Absolutely. But God has been calling me out of my fear. Over and over, in many different ways I hear him saying: Fear not, I am with you. If I am with you who can be against you?

Of course I am familiar with this idea, and many times, over the years, my heart has been lifted with these words. But now I am called to walk in them. As each trace of anxiety raises its head, first I take it to my Father and lay it at his feet. Sometimes I have to do this over and over again. Sometimes I have to leave the room. But I am made for joy and purpose, not for all these burdens pulling me down. Today I have a problem with one of my customers. A large package was not delivered to her and now it’s lost somewhere in transit. I can’t go and track it down myself. I can’t easily replace it. Communication from all parties is lacking. Over and over I am having to put the anxiety I feel over this situation back in the lap of the only One who can do anything about it, and humbly ask for guidance. Jesus came, and his life is the light of men. Anxiety and fear are dark holes, not part of our path at all. Today I am choosing trust and I will walk in the light. Let me know about your battles with fear and what God is showing you - leave a comment! 

be strong and courageous


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