He is Risen, Allelujah!

Jesus died, but Christ is risen!
The Kingdom of Heaven is repeated many times in the Gospels…”The Kingdom of Heaven is like this”…, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like that”…”The Kingdom of Heaven is within you”…., “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”. Jesus talks about the Kingdom of Heaven is where he is going to be with His Father. Whatever the Kingdom of Heaven is, it’s very important to what Jesus teaches us.
christ is risen

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So what IS it? Biblical scholars have debated this question for as long as there have been Biblical scholars. Many Christians assume that Jesus was risen to a Kingdom of Heaven that is the place where we go when we die- if one has been “saved”.  But the problem with this interpretation is that Jesus himself specifically says, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you (that is here ) and ” it is at hand” ( that is now).  The Kingdom of Heaven is not later, but lighter- this experience is available to us right now. “You don’t die into it, your awaken into it” (R. Rohr).

Where did Christ rise to? Where will we go after we die? Author Jim Marion’s wonderfully insightful suggestion is that the Kingdom of Heaven is really a state of consciousness: It is not a place we go but a place we come from. It is a whole new way of looking at the world, it is a transformed awareness that literally turns the world into a different place.
The hallmark of this awareness is that there is not a separation between where we are now and where we were, and where we are going. No separation between Christ and God, between God and humans, not between humans and other humans.
Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again. This such a great mystery!